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Success 2016 & Wealth Summit 2017 Conference by Success Resources

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

You are GUARANTEED to take away 5 PROPERTY Tips & Strategies that will CHANGE on how you INVEST in future:



Not sure where to start or just taking your first steps along the road to property success


Looking to grow the value of your existing properties … from your own home to an entire portfolio

Design Addict

You simply have a love of all things home DIY, renovation & interior design


From tradies to professional designers, learn the secrets to property profits through targeted design

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3 Days Intensive ID Street Smart Workshop

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What our Past Graduates has to say


Francis P Tan

I like it when Adrian said he did it because he want to share his skills and ideas with us to help out and he is very generous in sharing his ideas. Overall he is very sincere. He is very down to earth and understand what his students need by teaching them with the right material. Overall l enjoyed the class very much.

Whiskey Lim

ID King is a real shortcut to the interior design. I couldn't agree more about his emphasis on how important Space Planning is in interior design, and Adrian has summarised it in very easy matrix for layman to understand, really appreciate his unconditioned sharing of the knowledge. This is also a great platform for us to source materials and networking, really happy to make friends from different industries and with different passions.

May Lor

I have completed 3 days (27-29/5) ID Program by Andrian Wee, founder of IDKing Academy. During the 3 days, I have learned so much; from ID concept to hands on space measurement, mounding wardrobe & cabinets, furnishing, decorations, wallpaper installation and etc;..all done at mock site at ease if you know how....I truly benefited more then expected from the program with Adrian's unconditioned sharing of ID tips and information that make ID at ease either for your own benefits or commercial purposes. Apart from these, I have also get to know groups of wonderful people that are passionate about Interior Designing; always wanting the best in living beautiful lives.Once again, thank you Andrian Wee...

Kaylynn Low

Fantastic! People say the first year of the business is always the hardest, lots of trials and errors. Interior design is not all just about design, street smart business skills that are not thought in school is necessary to sustain your life. So, if you are thinking of starting your own interior design company, i do strongly encourage you to join this course. Because with Adrian's sharing of his years of experiences and how he structured them all for better solutions, your journey would be much easier and shorter **walk into less walls**. It's gonna be a lot to take in due to the amount of facts, site visits and knowledge you will be flooded with, but trust me, it will be fruitful !!   An investment for me indeed.

Register To Book A Seat For The FREE Workshop

Seats are limited. Register now to avoid disappointment.

English Workshop:

Chinese Workshop: